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Albert Kruger Sr. Shelter

The Albert Kruger Sr. Shelter opened in June 2017  and is located in the Glidden Pool Park adjacent to the Aquatic Center.


This facility was funded through a generous donation by the Albert Kruger Sr. Trust and is available to rent all year round. The Albert Kruger Sr. Shelter is fully heated and air conditioned. With a seating capacity of 128, and a total capacity of 150, this shelter is perfect for your next family or corporate event.


This spacious shelter has ample room for your next event.

  • Total Indoor Space: 2,937 sq ft
  • Indoor Banquet Space: 1,944 sq ft
  • Total Outdoor Patio Space: 1,521 sq ft

The shelter includes the following amenities for your next event.

  • Shelter Capacity: 150 people 
  • Available Seating Capacity: 128 people
  • 12 Round Tables (60")
  • 8 Rectangle Tables (8')
  • Kitchen Island (31" wide x 8' long)
  • Double Wide Cooler
  • Refrigerator/Freezer
  • Microwave
  • Flat Screen LED TV 65”
    • HDMI Cable
    • Wireless handheld microphone system

Facility Rental Fees:

  • Rent: $50
  • Deposit: $100

Facility Rental Form
Facility Checklist



Albert Kruger Sr had a fondness for the community of Glidden where he proudly made his home.  Albert provided for his community by bequeathing 90% of the estate income to be reinvested in the Glidden community at the discretion of the church governing body.   Albert was born in 1899 north of Glidden to Chris and Marie Kruger.  Albert graduated from Glidden High School and went on to business college in Mankato, Minnesota.  Albert was called home after his father Chris died after a short illness.  Albert never finished college, but returned to help care for his family and to farm his father’s land.  On October 12, 1924, Albert married Viola Haase, and the couple had three children: Marie, Doris and Albert Jr.  The community of Glidden has been given an ongoing legacy and all because of a very private and generous man named Albert Kruger who called Glidden his home.  The Peace Lutheran Church formed a PLC committee to administer the Kruger bequest. 


Albert Kruger Sr. Charitable Gifts


City of Glidden                                  Veteran Liberty Rock                      $11,000

Glidden Little League                      Equipment                                          $10,000

City of Glidden                                  Carnival                                                $7,500

Glidden Library                                 Computers & Software                  $6,500

City of Glidden                                  Senior Meal Program                      $5,000

American Legion                               Building Stove & Refrigerator     $3,000

GR After School Program              Computers                                         $2,700

GR Post Prom                                    Jr/Sr Prom Expense                         $1,500

GR Alumni Reunion                         Lincoln Club Rental                          $1,000

Carroll County Genealogical         Digitize Glidden Graphics              $1,000

Total                                                                                                                           $49,200



Glidden Fire Department              Air Packs                                               $22,000

Glidden-Ralston School                 Football Concession Stand           $20,000

City of Glidden                                  Cemetery Kiosk                                $10,000

Glidden Legion                                  Flag Poles/Flags                                $2,500

Glidden Library                                 Printer/Mirror/ Counter                $1,450

Ralston Fire Department              New Gloves                                        $1,350

Glidden Post Prom                           Entertainment                                  $600

Haunted House                                 Supplies                                               $500

GR After School Program              Carts/Supplies                                   $300

Total                                                                                                                           $58,700



Glidden-Ralston School                  Softball Bleachers/Dugout           $20,000

Glidden Fire Department              Industrial Washer/Dryer               $8,000

City of Glidden                                  Senior Nutrition Meals                   $6,000

Glidden Legion                                  Roof Repair                                         $5,000

Glidden-Ralston Music                   Acoustic Piano                                   $2,500

Glidden Library                                  DVD Repair Machine                      $1,500

GR Post Prom                                    Jr/Sr Prom Expense                         $600

Total                                                                                                                           $43,600



City of Glidden                                 Pool Park Shelter                             $780,000

Glidden-Ralston School                 Security System                                $25,000

Glidden Sesquicentennial             Carnival Sponsor                               $20,000

Glidden Legion                                  Handicap Restrooms                       $10,000

Glidden Fire Department              Refurbish Truck                                 $8,950

Glidden Library                                 Children Furniture/TV                    $2,500

GR Post Prom                                    Jr/Sr Prom Expense                         $550

Total                                                                                                                           $847,000