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Current City Projects

Current City Projects

Aquatic Center Parking Lot, Northland Park Extension & Sidewalk Installation

The Glidden Aquatic Center will now have a concrete parking lot with additional trees and landscape added. A new rain garden will be installed in front of the existing donor monument.

There will be a 5-foot sidewalk that will be installed along the Aquatic Center parking lot. The sidewalk will then widen to 8-foot trail and run along the west side of the pool fence. There will be a Pedestrian cross walk installed across Highway 30 and the 8-foot trail will continue and connect to the Northland Park trail near the shelter house.

There will also be a 5-foot sidewalk installed along the west side of the City Park that will now complete the loop surrounding the park with sidewalks. 

Total project costs equal $400,896.50. The AARP has awarded a $10,000 grant towards this project. 

          Projected start date: October 2019

          Projected end date: November 22, 2019



Liberty Rock

Hunter Farms has donated a 11 ft x 11 ft x 11 ft, 100+ ton rock currently located near Bayard and will be relocated to the corner of Hwy 30 & Sherwood on the southwest corner of Northland Park. Painting of the rock will be completed by Ray “Bubba” Sorensen in Spring of 2020. Painting of the rock will be a memorial to the Glidden community Veterans. There will be concrete pad (approximately 30 ft x 45 ft) in the shape of the state of Iowa surrounding the Liberty Rock. Donations are currently being accepted for this project. There will be a plaque located near the completed rock that will commemorate those that have significantly donated to the project. The City has pledged to contribute $11,000.00 and the rest of the funds are raised through a combination of donations and grants.

Projected costs $95,000.

          Projected start date: October 2019

          Projected end date:  Spring 2020



Northland Park Phase 1

The City of Glidden has recently received a REAP grant in the amount of $75,000 with the city matching an additional $50,000 to fund phase 1. Funds will be used to deepen the West retention pond at Northland Park which will allow for stocking and used for recreational fishing purposes. More information to come as the project progresses.

          Projected start date: TBD

          Projected end date: TBD


Wastewater Treatment Facility

The City purchased 20+ acres for a new wastewater treatment facility located to the east of the existing wastewater treatment plant. The need arose for this new facility due to the changes in the environmental regulations.

The proposed project includes the construction of a new aerated lagoon facility using the SAGR process. The existing facility will be abandoned after the completion of the new facility.

Project cost estimated at approximately $3.6 million.

          Projected start date: TBD, Fall 2020

          Projected end date: TBD



Residential Improvement Planning

The City purchased 3 residential properties in town. Asbestos removal and demolition of the 3 residential properties will be completed by the end of 2019. Future residential housing options are being explored at this time for those lots. More information to come as this project progresses.

Project costs as of October 2019 equals $62,135.20.

          Projected start date: October 2019

          Projected end date: December 2019


New Fire Truck

The City of Glidden is purchasing a new 1000 Gallon 4x4 Tanker/Wildland Fire Truck to replace the 1980 Chevy Fire Truck that will be retired from the fleet.

Estimated project costs $182,946.00.

         Project start date: July 22, 2019

         Project end date: Spring 2020



Recently Completed Projects


Cemetery Kiosk

The City of Glidden completed the installation on 9/13/2019 of the kiosk located next to the east entrance. This is the first publicly accessible device installed to research burial records at Merle Hay Memorial Cemetery. Options are being researched to ensure that patrons can have protection during weather events while using the kiosk.

A special thank you goes to PLC Foundation, Community Foundation of Carroll County, United Bank of Iowa, and Raccoon Valley Electric Corporation/Corn Belt for all their generous donations.

You may add the obituary and photos to the burial records for a nominal fee. Please contact the City office for additional information.

Click on the Attractions tab then Merle Hay Cemetery from the drop down to explore burial records from your home and/or office.

Total project cost $25,500.00 for the Kiosk.


Aquatic Center Improvements

The Glidden Aquatic Center improvements included: pool painting, new diving board & stand, window replacement in the bathhouse, safety supplies, water slide resurfacing, water slide repainting and several concrete benches & tables.

Total project cost equaled $79,078.06.


City Park Basketball Court Improvements

The City Park Basketball Court improvements included: all new basketball court lighting, new basketball hoops and poles, and complete concrete replacement.

Total project cost $59,159.25.